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Do you do re gripping?
Yes we offer a full line of grips for most any club made. Normally a 24 hour turn round.
Do you do re shafting ? Graphite or steel?
Yes, we can re shaft all of the clubs on the market today. However, there are a few that the components are no longer available.
Can you re shaft Ping Drivers and retain the original Pin insert setting?
Yes, we can remove the shaft leaving intact the Ping insert to be reused.
Can you build a club that offers a off set , so I can hit the ball higher?
Yes, we can build you a set of clubs that offer an off set that will allow you too hit the ball higher.
Do you have access to the high end as well as the low end graphite shafts?
Yes, I have access and some in inventory ranging from 12.00 to 250.00 dollars per shaft.
Why should I consider a custom made set of clubs as opposed to buying a set that looks good and feels good to me?
To begin with, those off the shelf are mass produced for the average person. If you have a set custom made the clubs are made specifically for you. They are fitted and frequency matched to your swing characteristics and your physical make up.
What does frequency matching of shafts mean to me?
Frequency matching is the term that refers to the cycle per minute difference between each club. Having a set of frequency matched clubs makes each club feel and swing the same. Your clubs are all favorites instead of having one or two in an off the shelf set of clubs.
What is a Master Craftsman?
A Master Craftsman is a skill level for one who has mastered every form of clubmaking and has the advanced skills in clubhead and shaft design and analysis, customized grinding , head shape profiling and club sole bounce angle adjustments. Sorta akin to a Doctorate Degree in Clubmaking.
What does the COR (Coefficient of Restitution) mean to me?
In plain English it means how fast a golf ball leaves the face of the driver after it has been hit. This is like a trampoline effect of the ball coming off the face of the club. The standard COR accepted by the USGA and Royal & Ancient Society is set at .830, anything greater is illegal.
Does a higher COR give me more distance?
Only to a slight degree. Studies have shown that as the COR increases there is only a slight increase in distance given all the parameters are the same. The principal increase in distance is derived from clubhead speed and club make up; ie head weight, shaft flex & weight and overall club weight.